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Undergoing Maintenance.

In recently trying to edit and reorganize the ideas of my theoretical articles from 2019, I found them to be too unfocused and un-encompassing to be of any value for readers of interest, or me personally. I have therefore decided to withdraw them from the site in order to break them into their constituent ideas and reassemble them into a more practical, relevant and palatable

Undergoing Maintenance.2020-01-16T08:58:45+00:00

This is what you get when you mess with Diatonic Functions.

I find myself happily trudging through the explorative analysis of the greater body of a genre of music from the years roughly 1950-2015 as I sit firmly on 22,583 words of my treatise, 'Theory of Pop Music.' Much confusion has ensued in the course of discussions with close friends, colleagues, and professional musicians, both Pop and Classical as to what it is and what it

This is what you get when you mess with Diatonic Functions.2019-06-20T16:36:50+00:00

For the last time, a musician’s case for Wagner.

In 1998, after a phenomenally successful run as one of the highest paid comedians of the decade, Jerry Seinfeld released the collected insights of a professional at the height of his career in a  comedy special thoughtfully entitled "I'm telling you for the last time." Where Jerry left off, his co-creating colleague(and the genius behind Seinfeld), Larry David picked up, or rather reinitiated the social dialogue

For the last time, a musician’s case for Wagner.2019-06-11T17:25:33+00:00
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